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Best vacuum for cars

Looking for the best shop vac for the car you can trust? You’re in the right spot. In essence, a shop vacuum is an upgraded version of your old standard vacuum cleaners – used in many homes, commanding a powerful motor & other delicate build-up components; yet leaving the automobile clean. Shop vacs are generally upgraded models of commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners, giving them increased power, better motors & more thorough cleaning power than your old standbys.

To help you choose the best shop vac for cars, it’s helpful to first know what kinds of dirt accumulate on cars. Dust, oil, pollen, etc… Are some common, ordinary debris that accumulates on cars. Car manufacturers & dealerships will tell you that a “standard” vacuum cleaner will remove 99% of dust from a car’s interior. This is very true, as they test the vacuums repeatedly before selling them to consumers. It’s also true that all three brands of standard vacuums will clean cars, with varying degrees of efficiency.

The buying guide

The above info may be true, but not all vacuum for cars are created equal. Some have powerful motors; others have small, weak motors. Which type you get depends largely on whether you want a powerful vacuum or a very gentle one. Shop vacs with powerful motors tend to be more expensive; but they tend to be less likely to damage your vehicle, which is important if you value your vehicle.

The best shop vacuums for cars have powerful suction that removes dust, pollen, sand, mud & more. They usually come with multiple attachments & filter bags to cover and maintain your car’s interior. Some have powerful HEPA filtration that removes pet dander and other common allergens from your car. Shop vacuums with filters are generally the best shop vacuums for cars to purchase. Check out these Best Cordless Shop Vacs.

Things to consider

Next, you want to consider the cord length of the shop vacuum you choose. Shop vacs with long cords tend to be heavier and will exert a lot of force on your vehicle. Also, a long cord can be more difficult to pull around your home. Cord wrap technology makes it much easier to move your vacuum cleaner from room to room. Shop vacs with cord wraps can be moved virtually anywhere you need to.

Another factor to consider is how many times you use your shop vac for cleaning. If you only take it out to clean your car every so often, you probably don’t need a vacuum with a powerful motor. However, if you like to clean your car on a regular basis, you will want a vacuum with a powerful enough motor to get the job done. Shop vacs with five gallon capacities are generally great for this type of work. They can handle jobs such as carpet cleaning, stain removal, & cleaning the interior of your vehicle.


Finally, there are several pros and cons to consider besides the power. One pro is the cord length. You’ll be able to easily shop with your portable vacuum because of the shorter cord. This also makes it easier to reach hard to access areas. On the other hand, the lack of cord length means your handheld vac won’t be able to clean every inch of your driveway. The only cons to an inboard storage vacuum are that most models don’t have wheels & some can’t handle corners very well.

Shop vacs with cordless motors are great for most people. They provide convenience and flexibility without a lot of bells and whistles. If you like to move around your car or truck a lot then a corded vacuum might be a better option for you. As far as price goes, cordless store vacs are typically more expensive than their corded cousins. There are some cons to corded shop vacs as well, but that’s all part of the decision process.

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