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If you have a few days free from work, why not drive around Islamabad and take a look at all the options available to rent a car? There are many car rental companies in Islamabad, but one of the best is Momondo. They have all sorts of cars for rent. From cars that are just right for short trips, to the larger luxury cars for business trips. Read the sections below to learn about the cars Momondo offers.

Mid-Size Cars: Mid-sized cars, such as mid-size SUVs, are usually a better step up from economy cars and will usually fit up to five people comfortably in the seat. The average cost of a mid-sized car rental in Islamabad has been $35 per day. Here are the cheapest rates found in Pakistan within the last week. One can choose between Honda’s or Mercedes. For a smaller budget, there is a great choice of cars with good reputations such as Toyota Land Cruisers, Minivans and small cars like the Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Minivan: Smaller family cars such as Mini vans are popular in Islamabad. The average cost of a mini van rental is also less than the luxury cars that Momondo has to offer. However, with these cars being so popular, Momondo tend to have more of these cars for rent than the other companies. The best time to book a mini van rental in Islamabad will be early morning or afternoon.

Sports Utility Vehicles: Some of the most luxurious cars are actually sports utility vehicles. Most of these cars have more than five passenger seats, air conditioning, DVD player, navigation and internet connectivity. These cars are perfect for those who want the most features and amenities in a car.

Luxury Car: Those looking for luxury cars will have a hard time finding them in Islamabad. However, if they do, Momondo has them available for rent for a hefty price. The average cost for a luxury car in Islamabad ranges from $350 per day for a luxury car with leather interior to the hundreds of thousands of dollars for the latest models of cars in a fully customized form. There are also many other cars to rent such as sedans and SUV’s that Momondo sells, but it is best to visit the company’s website before deciding which one to buy.

Cheap Cars: With all the luxury cars that Momondo has to offer, you may find them difficult to find a cheap rental from Islamabad. However, a person can still rent a cheap car from Islamabad for a decent price. The trick is to plan ahead in advance and make sure to arrive on time. You should book early and you should look for deals that offer good incentives.

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