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A long time ago I had to reinstall Corel Draw and can’t remember the exact setting. So think of the following scenario: You know that it’s fixable, but remember when discovered it was surprised that neither Corel (who wants to sell you a new program instead of fix the problem themselves) nor Microsoft had such in their toolkit. Now it could have been a mis-communication on their part, but then again, who does? The other option is that Corel didn’t release the errata because they didn’t think there was a need to do so. In the end we just got an inferior product.

This is not a situation that I want to encounter with my children or their children. I really don’t want them to have to learn from experience that they can’t fix something by themselves. So what did I do? I downloaded an open source program that I could download and run over my computer that fixed the problem for me. That is the real key here.

When the “draw hang” issue occurs, then most likely it is due to one of three things: Bad settings, corrupt fonts or invalid fonts. To fix these problems go into your printer’s control panel. Select “language and options” and then click on” printers”. On the menu, you will see a list of all your installed printers. It is time to see which one is causing the hang. Right click on the name of the printer, select” Properties”, there will be a drop down menu, select” Reset defaults”.

This will cause the printer to re-create its menu and any other messages you might have received. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s see what causes the errors. It is most likely caused by one of the following: Bad settings. Any drawing program should know where to find its own files. If you are using CorelDraw, then this is most likely the case.

The first thing you can do to fix this is to re-add the font that is missing from your system. The fonts that are part of your CorelDraw 12 application should be in the system folder. This folder can usually be found in C:/Program Files/ Corel Draw. If that does not work for you, then just download some font files from the Corel Draw website. You can either open them in a text editor or graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop.

Another possible cause is that some draw programs are corrupt. This can happen when you update your draw software or uninstall it. A corrupt draw software will show up as a message in the draw dialogue box. To fix this, just open the draw software and click on the “Start” button.

You can also re-install the Corel draw libraries that are missing from your program. These are available in the program root directory. Once you have found them, just click on the “install” or “replace” button that is next to the library that you are removing. This should take you to the dialog where you can click on the replace button to replace the library that is being replaced.

Another way to get these problems fixed is to use the Windows registry editor. The registry is a big database which keeps track of all the changes that are done to the hardware, applications and even the operating system. Using the registry editor, you can search for the errors that your computer is having and then delete them. It may take a few times to do so, but it is a very effective way to clean your computer.

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