Party of the Left or Right in America?


The United States has had two popular parties throughout the history of our nation; the Whigs and the Democrats. Whig and Democratic party lines run throughout our culture and are woven into our daily lives, our language and our society. There is no way to talk about our society without talking about the Democrats. So, what do we know about the Whigs?

The Democratic Party was originally created in 1828 by a pro-slave party founder, Andrew Jackson and its first President was Martin Van Buren in 1829. But, during the economic depression after the Great Recession of the 1930’s and the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s, the Democrats became a more liberal party. It has become increasingly important for the Democrats to appeal to the liberal base of American society. It is this base that the Democrats use to run their campaigns. So, who do we know about the Whigs?

The Whigs did not have much of an impact on American politics. They were the party of the elite. They were not very popular in America. They enjoyed the support of wealthy landowners and they tended to rule the country from a small set of wealthy leaders. They were not politically popular. It is estimated that the Whigs held less than 10% of the total vote, which is just about the same percentage that the Democrats hold today.

The Whigs were also a major influence in American foreign policy in general during the time of the Civil War and the start of the United States. They were basically a party of peace. There was no real party of war, but many believed that the Whigs were actually too cautious and soft-spoken for the times.

The last part of the Democrats’ heritage can be traced back to the Civil War and Reconstruction. Many people believe that it was the Democrats that founded the modern Democratic party because the Whigs were quite left wing and the Democrats wanted to return to the days of being a conservative party. This is one of the reasons that the Democrats tend to be so insular, even now that they are the party of the majority. They are only willing to talk about things that are important to them.

We can say that the Democrats are the party of the left in America. In some ways they are. In some ways they are the party of the right in America.

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