Tips to Be a Qualified Private Taxi Driver

To be a qualified and successful Private taxi driver one must possess some basic knowledge about the vehicle. One must have sufficient experience in driving a vehicle and must know the ins and outs of the vehicle. Make sure to follow all rules and regulations regarding driving a car. Know your legal rights, and know your limits.

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How to become a Private taxi driver is easy provided you purchase your own private car which will only be utilized for taxi service. Apply for insurance for a particular period of time and then settle your costs.

Set your own set of rates and then adjust them depending on the number of people you expect to drop off or pick up. Once you have determined your target customers then start advertising in newspapers and on the internet. Do your best to attract new clients by offering competitive rates. If you are in a new location then make it a point to visit the place with your vehicle and advertise in newspapers. Also start learning more about local customs and ways to improve your driving skills.

You should have your own personal, or corporate chauffeur, who will drive your Private Company vehicle around. You can hire any private chauffeur you like, if not, ask your friends for their recommendation. Ask your friends about their experience with private chauffeurs in Delhi and then pick the one who has a good reputation.

To be a successful Private Taxi driver you must be extremely alert and observant of your surroundings and at the same time, be able to communicate effectively with your clients. Communicate clearly with your customers so that they do not feel uncomfortable and leave without paying the required amount.

Ensure that your passengers are well-disciplined and don’t let them go out of the cab without your permission. Keep track of all payments made to make sure that you don’t miss one and you’ll find yourself in an untenable situation.

Always inform your passengers about the location of your office and that you will be picking them up from there. This will avoid a misunderstanding. Also ensure that you give directions to your driver and make sure he/she knows the right route to take in case there are any emergency situations.

Don’t try to cut corners when giving your customers’ seat to another passenger. Your passengers have come to trust you and it is their responsibility to get you from point A to point B safely. This is the time to show that you care about their safety and are prepared to pay for such expenses. if needed.

If you suspect that your customer’s credit card information may be misused then stop making payments on time and immediately notify the bank. You can then report the situation to the Financial Regulatory Authority of India.

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